Open & Accessible Government

An alderman’s office should serve the ward and all its residents. That means an open door, transparent government, and an alderman who’s an active part of the community! Jason believes in a ward office that bridges the gaps between cultures and communities to build a district that works for all of us.

  • Participatory budgeting for ward funds
  • Government materials available in translation; translators for constituent meetings
  • Ward Days & celebrations of our community and cultures!
  • Fully funded & empowered Inspector General at City Hall
  • “Open book” audits for ward & city spending
  • Equity & diversity in the ward office and in city hiring/contracts

Civic Services & Public Good

Chicago is the greatest city in the world—and to keep it that way, we need to ensure that city funds are being spent on the public good. That means providing strong civic services, and holding our city government accountable for the money it spends.

  • Equitable funding for Chicago Public Schools
  • Civilian oversight of police and emergency response services
  • Combat violence with restorative justice, jobs training, comprehensive healthcare, environmental safety, and clean, fully-funded schools
  • Investigation of and investment in clean drinking water
  • TIF reform—no more slush funds for the mayor!
  • Term limits for City Council & Mayor

Holistic Development

We’re all connected: as neighbors, as taxpayers, and as members of a community. As alderman, Jason is committed to a ward office that empowers citizens, promotes local businesses, and ensures that basic needs are met for every resident of the 50th Ward.

  • Focus on local needs: clean streets, rat and pest control, safe public spaces, etc.
  • West Ridge community center for public events, adult education, arts, etc.
  • Dedicated community development officer & “Quality of Life” plan for the 50th Ward
  • Community-led task forces for major issues: education, safety, faith, culture, etc.
  • Community Benefits Agreement for new development
  • Affordable housing & tenants’ rights
  • Full use of “menu money” and other ward funds—let’s invest in our community!